Coming to Trondheim for my PhD

  28 August, 2014


My name is Nikola and I am a new PhD candidate at NTNU. I am from Kikinda, a small town in Serbia and I finished my bachelor and master studies at the University of Novi Sad, also in Serbia. I heard about Trondheim from my friends who have already been here and they shared their experiences with me. I was looking for an interesting PhD position on a project that would be relevant for me, and when I found one, I contacted the Professor who is the head of the project. I was really happy to receive the news that I had been the chosen one. I was also lucky with accommodation, because it can be a problem sometimes. I was able to take over my friend’s apartment.

I arrived in Trondheim on the 11th of August. My first impression was that Trondheim is a really nice city with beautiful nature, fresh air, also with good weather, but it was only the first few days. Now, I can see that it is usually rainy, but I will settle with any weather. Everything else seems nice. People are kind and they always seem to have time for you. Food is good, and I prefer fish. I am really happy because of everything here.

It was a great pleasure to meet my colleagues. I share the office with two more PhD candidates, Susanne and Espen. Including me, several PhD students started at the same time. My supervisor is Mari-Ann Einarsrud and I have great collaboration with her. We start the day around 8 am and finish around 4 pm. Currently, I am reading literature most of the day and preparing myself for a good scientific start.

I have to take an HSE preparation course before I can use the labs. During September I think I can start with my lab experiments and I am looking forward to that.

I will write some more about my PhD and life in Trondheim in my next blog post.

Best regards,