Category:   Chemical Engineering

New subsea treating process will allow access to closed gas fields
  12 May, 2016

Extracting oil and gas from subsea production fields is a complicated process. Today it is done from offshore platforms, but the development in the oil and gas industry is towards unmanned production units placed on the seabed. Moreover, subsea operations will allow production in deeper waters, as well as in remote areas with severe weather… Read More »

CO2 capture with less energy consumption
  24 February, 2016

In order to stall the climate changes, more CO2 emitting industries must install technology for carbon capture and storage. To make this type of technology more available, I work on a way to make CO2 capture technology less energy demandig. Since the start of the industrial revolution, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has… Read More »

Forsker Grand Prix – Targeting Drugs Through the Post
  9 October, 2014

Using the analogy of a postman delivering a letter to the correct address, I tried to explain how modern science and technology can help guide a drug to the diseased site, where it is expected to deliver its desired function. The idea I had in mind was to use simple words during the presentation to… Read More »