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Learn about the possibilities within aquaculture
  10 August, 2015

The demand for seafood is growing, and the Norwegian goal is to become the world’s main seafood nation. Recruiting smart, young brains This is reflected by  initiatives from the Government, from the aquaculture industry and related industries, and not the least from ongoing research activities. Building research based competence in the marine sector is important… Read More »

Creating new energy from heat loss
  10 June, 2015

Have you thought about how much energy that disappears with the hot water you shower in? Or, to turn it around, how much could be saved if we manage to collect this energy before the water goes down the drain? Energy loss In industry, there are also many processes where significant amounts of energy is… Read More »

“When I grow up, I want to …”
  8 August, 2014

If you ask a child “What do you want to do be when you grow up?”, I’m willing to place a fairly generous sum of money on that “Professor” will not be one of the most common answers you’ll get. After all, it is difficult to compete with cool things like astronauts, princesses, and firemen.… Read More »

Student in Research at The Dept. of Biotechnology
  7 July, 2014

This spring, I had the opportunity to be a “student in research” on a fellow project with Ragnhild I. Vestrum which includes cultivation of cod larvae free from unwanted organisms. Along with Ragnhild, postdoc Torunn Forberg, and several people from the research group “Analysis and control of microbial systems” I have worked about 40 hours… Read More »