Category:   Materials Science

PhD candidate from IMT won award for best paper
  23 November, 2016

Camilla Sommerseth, former PhD candidate at the Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering, now a scientist at SINTEF, won the Best Carbon Paper Award at the ICSOBA conference. ISCOBA – The International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium – organized the conference in Quebec, Canada in October 2016. Sommerseth and her coauthors received… Read More »

Ferrochrome. Or: When rocks are not just rocks.
  23 August, 2016

Ferrochrome is a widely used alloy of iron and chromium, essential in the stainless steel industry. We try to find a way of producing ferrochrome using natural gas instead of coal. This would give a more cost effective and environmentally friendly production process. The raw material for ferrochrome comes from chromite mines. It is possible… Read More »

PhD progress is like the weather in Norway – unpredictable
  30 May, 2016

  After a long time without writing any posts, I am still here, ready for some new words. Last time I mentioned that I would say something about scientific life. I am at the same place, in the same conditions, surrounded with new scientific challenges, which currently stops me from writing my paper. I would… Read More »

The two main ways of producing silicon for solar cells
  2 September, 2015

Quality versus quantity – the classical confrontation. You also find it within research on solar cell materials and the two main ways of producing silicon for solar cells, but the heart of the matter is the quest to produce a perfect crystal. Let’s be unoriginal and begin this post using the starting sentence of 99%… Read More »

Creating new energy from heat loss
  10 June, 2015

Have you thought about how much energy that disappears with the hot water you shower in? Or, to turn it around, how much could be saved if we manage to collect this energy before the water goes down the drain? Energy loss In industry, there are also many processes where significant amounts of energy is… Read More »

It feels great to have access to the lab
  19 December, 2014

As promised, here I am writing more about my PhD research and life in Trondheim. Finally, I have access to the lab and I have done some interesting research. I also have a better grip of what Trondheim is like. My work is focused on designing and processing thermoelectric materials (materials with free electrons or… Read More »

TV stars creating chemical reactions
  11 November, 2014

Schrödingers katt (that’s Schrödinger’s cat in Norwegian!) is a popular science show that runs every Thursday in prime time (19:45–20:15) on NRK1. It has been running since 1996 and has around half a million viewers every week. This fall season, the two of us got the opportunity to feature in the show, in a series… Read More »

Coming to Trondheim for my PhD
  28 August, 2014

Hi, My name is Nikola and I am a new PhD candidate at NTNU. I am from Kikinda, a small town in Serbia and I finished my bachelor and master studies at the University of Novi Sad, also in Serbia. I heard about Trondheim from my friends who have already been here and they shared… Read More »

Super strong and deformable Aluminium
  19 May, 2014

  In my PhD project, I have applied a new technology for future production of nanostructured metals. I have studied two different types of aluminium (aluminium containing magnesium and aluminium containing bismuth) with this technology. My goal was to find a suitable process for light metals having superior high strength combined with good deformability. Such… Read More »