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Beer brewing competence at the lab
  17 April, 2015

There has been an exponential interest and growth in home beer brewing over the lasts years, and more and more small-scale microbreweries are entering the commercial marked. As a microbrewer you can now get a helping hand from the university, where there is microbial expertise and analytical resources few labs can match. A little more… Read More »

How to choose a research area?
  13 February, 2015

Being a scientific researcher gives you the freedom to pursue answers to questions that you, and hopefully many others, find interesting. But with freedom comes the necessity to choose: with so many topics to pick from, how do you select which research field to devote yourself to? Once this question has been posed, a number… Read More »

TV stars creating chemical reactions
  11 November, 2014

Schrödingers katt (that’s Schrödinger’s cat in Norwegian!) is a popular science show that runs every Thursday in prime time (19:45–20:15) on NRK1. It has been running since 1996 and has around half a million viewers every week. This fall season, the two of us got the opportunity to feature in the show, in a series… Read More »

Forsker Grand Prix – Targeting Drugs Through the Post
  9 October, 2014

Using the analogy of a postman delivering a letter to the correct address, I tried to explain how modern science and technology can help guide a drug to the diseased site, where it is expected to deliver its desired function. The idea I had in mind was to use simple words during the presentation to… Read More »

From shooting stars to weather at the edge of space
  3 October, 2014

Rosmarie de Wit is doing her PhD in the Atmosphere and Environmental Physics group at NTNU. She collaborates with MORTEN the meteor radar, and together they measure small shooting stars in order to study weather at the edge of space. Rosmarie introduced MORTEN to the world during Forsker Grand Prix 2014. If you missed it… Read More »

“When I grow up, I want to …”
  8 August, 2014

If you ask a child “What do you want to do be when you grow up?”, I’m willing to place a fairly generous sum of money on that “Professor” will not be one of the most common answers you’ll get. After all, it is difficult to compete with cool things like astronauts, princesses, and firemen.… Read More »

Super strong and deformable Aluminium
  19 May, 2014

  In my PhD project, I have applied a new technology for future production of nanostructured metals. I have studied two different types of aluminium (aluminium containing magnesium and aluminium containing bismuth) with this technology. My goal was to find a suitable process for light metals having superior high strength combined with good deformability. Such… Read More »